June 22nd, 2005

Time to delist from Contrabandent?

This big question we have wondered for a while, but I think nows a time to push it forward.

Why delist from Contrabandent? Heres my reasoning:

1. Its using the Epic Version of the list server which is not compatbile with new features being set up in the new list server.
2. Contains many bugs as its using the epic list server program, for example ServerNet.
3. Its linked to jazz.nimrod-online.com about 20% of its life, the other 80% is due to ServerNet Failing

We have the ability to sustain JJ2 by ourselfs now, why rely on a unmaintained list?
We have three community run list servers:

spaz.nimrod-online.com (Currently used for testing, but will become a dedicated list eventually)

JJ2 barely has more than 10 players or so. The question even arises as to why the need for backup? For the last year or so 90% of Jazz'ers have soley used jazz.nimrod-online.com and havent experienced problems. the only problems ever had were due to ServerNet and having more than one list.

I suggest we have just two lists, a main one and a secondary backup one. Both linked using ServerNet, and both using the latest build by Nebula.

This is public, so anyone can discuss. Sorry about my spelling, Im tired.

So, your views?
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