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Suggestioned improvement on ServerNET - JJ2 List Servers News and Updates — LiveJournal

About Suggestioned improvement on ServerNET

Previous Entry Suggestioned improvement on ServerNET Mar. 18th, 2005 @ 08:05 pm Next Entry
I've been testing Nebulas List Server some more and also deploying another test server at spaz.nimrod-online.com.

One of the things I noticed was ServerNet at times went a bit dodgy and required some restarts of the program and such. It was kinda annoying so my idea for the next list server update is to make ServerNET a lot stronger. You know like make it fight to keep ServerNet alive, for example:

If a like a connection is dropped for over 10 minutes it should recheck the DNS (incase it changed) and keep doing so until the connection is regained.
If ServerNET connection fails, keep retrying constantly (I assume it does that already?)

I know this seems like a lot of bandwidth wasted, but having list servers not connected can ruin the idea of multiple list servers so I was hoping we could just fine tune it, so it will keep trying no matter what.

Thats one of the few bugs I could find in the current build, its look very promising.
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