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Temp Switch of Jazz.Nimrod-Online.com - JJ2 List Servers News and Updates

About Temp Switch of Jazz.Nimrod-Online.com

Previous Entry Temp Switch of Jazz.Nimrod-Online.com Jul. 3rd, 2005 @ 11:46 pm Next Entry
As many of you may know, I'm leaving to go to Spain for a week, started on the 4th of July till the 11th.

During this time, The Digiex Servers will be unmaintained. Although I have full faith in Windows Server System which powers the servers, I dont have faith in all the other things that help keep the servers going: Internet Connection, Router, Power, Cabling etc. If one of them was to fail, I wouldnt be able to do much from all the way in Spain.

It's for this reason, the address jazz.nimrod-online.com will be pointing to jazz.madskills.org for the week in question. This means if an error happened on the Digiex Servers, people could still play Jazz 2 Online without any patching.

If for some reason you need to access the Digiex List Server, you can do so at the address jazz.digiex.net. Although no assistance will be available during this time. The Digiex Server will be linked to the madskills.org server so games will appear on both lists.

Thanks :)
See you all in a week. Oh, and if you need to contact me, my email is: snookie*SPAM*boy@g*SPAM*mail.com (yes, remove both *SPAM* ) I will be checking my mail every couple of days when abroad.
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Date:July 12th, 2005 01:00 am (UTC)
I have returned and all is back to normal, the domain jazz.nimrod-online.com is now pointing to me.

It was also good to know that jazz.digiex.net didnt go down once while I was away.
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