nimroddx (nimroddx) wrote in jj2listservers,

New List Server Patch

Based upon many things, I thought it might be time to go ahead and update the current patch placed around sites which is used to allow JJ2 clients to work with the Network.

At present, there are quite a few different "patches" used. There is the one I created ages ago which is on the J2o Download Section. There is also the patch I created to remove Contrabandent, at: and one final patch created by Pyro and Skaterboy in the J2o User Download Section. There is also Albertos Intelligent List Server Patch which is still used by some and still works.

There is a lot of confusion going on as to what patch is best suited, as eachone has its own good and bad points.

The aim I had in the updated patch is:

Ensure this patch will stop any previous confusion
Make sure this patch will last, users are getting sick of constant patching.
Allow this patch to help with the phase out of Contrabandent (which i talked about earlier)

From this, made some changes to the old patch. There are two list servers used in the new patch. Which are: > Forwards to > Forwards to

You may ask, why use First of all, it gives some order to the naming process. Secondly it means the list servers used by clients can be changed our end, without people needing to repatch. Say in a years time for whatever reason I shut down my server, I could point at someone elses lists. Clients wouldnt need to repatch. Alberto made a patch like this is the past, which he called "Intelligent List Server Patch". I believe it was his idea, and therefore asked for his permission to do this way, and also credited him for it in the Readme.

A second question you may ask is why Contrabandent isnt on there. In a previous post I have stated my interest to remove it from the network in the future and bring the list under community control. This patch doesnt actually do that, as we wont be "delinking" contrabandent, but it will over time bring users over to community lists, meaning if it was to be delinked in the future, it could be down without any problems. People wont automatically apply the new patch the moment its out, a lot of users will only apply it if the old patches failed (which they most likely wont, unless one of the three current lists changes addresses). I believe its time we slowly removed from peoples registrys. If you wish to debate this issue, please refer to the entry previously made on the subject.

I have placed a copy of the patch onto the internet for reviewing and testing, it can be found at:

I would politely ask you if you have any time free to check out the patch, read the readme and apply the patch to test its all working. Please remember this is just a draft. I am seeking your approval before going ahead with submitting it to jj2 sites.

Please post your comments on this matter. Thanks :)
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