Monolith (jlindsey) wrote in jj2listservers,

Apparently recently there has been a particular user going around and constantly disrupting online JJ2 games. And apparently those being affected have been asking Nimrod to ban this user from the list servers. Nimrod has asked me to explain why it is we don't ban this individual through the list servers. Now don't get me wrong, we dislike people crashing servers, renaming, and generally making a mess of things just as much as you, but the reason we haven't attempted to ban this user (or similar users) should be clear.

First of all, you may be asking why we do not ban this user and get rid of the problem when we have the ability to do so. The answer to that is simply that we do not have the ability to ban a user from every online JJ2 game. Sure we could ban them from maybe one or two of the list servers, but right now we are unable to ban an individual from every running list server. Even if we could, there are still numerous GIP scripts and other users scattered around online that the banned individual would never be completely cut off from being able to find online JJ2 games. About the only way we could completely prevent one user from finding the list of online JJ2 games would be to completely break down the network so that nobody could find a list of online JJ2 games. That wouldn't be very practical.

In general, it is not the place of the list servers to interfere with individual JJ2 games. The list servers have no more control over JJ2 games than JJ2 games have over the list servers. The purpose of the list servers is simple: to provide a public list of current online JJ2 games so that other JJ2 clients may find and join those games. The list servers have nothing to do with what goes on in those JJ2 games, other than knowing how many players they contain. The hosts and clients of those JJ2 games are responsible for what happens inside of them. If a user is being disruptive in a JJ2 game, the host should consider banning that user from their server. Likewise, if a user is being disruptive to the list servers, we will consider banning that user from the list servers. But, in no way are the list servers responsible for banning users who are being disruptive in JJ2 games.

Now as I said, we dislike disruptive users in our JJ2 games just as much as you, so let me give you some advice on how to deal with users like this. Simply, the way to deal with a user like this is to ban them from your JJ2 game, assuming you are the host of course. To ban a user in-game, simply type (t): ban [usernum], where [usernum] is the number of the user you want to ban. To see what number relates to a particular user in your server, bring up the server list with the key F9. For someone like this, it might be difficult to ban them in-game however. You can still manually place a ban on a person's IP by using the banlist for JJ2. To do this, locate the file banlist.lst in your Jazz2 game directory, and open it with notepad. Simply put the IP of the user you wish to ban on a new line at the bottom of that file, then save it and restart JJ2. If you do not know the IP of the person you need to ban, ask your peers to see if they know, or you can try using Link's Apprehend program which will show IPs even if they cause your server to crash. If you have any other questions, feel free to post a comment here.
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