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Zombie Clone Servers

The feature in Nebula's list server to automatically remove pinging servers has done it's supposed to, but it also brought up the bug of zombie clone servers. These are game servers that were once automatically de-listed for pinging, but have been re-listed because a server with the same IP is running, thus making these old servers pingable again. Since these zombie clone servers have the same IP as the real server, plus a larger uptime, they're fairly easy to detect. Right now I've been de-listing them manually, but I think this should, and could easily be done automatically.

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Draft List Server Rules

Since the list servers are meant to work as a network, and that network is now being run by volunteers, having a list of rules for the operation of this network is generally a good idea so as to ensure smooth operation. I was asked to write up a draft for the rules, so here it is. Post your thoughts and improvements.

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List Server Status Update

Hey, got myself set up :)

So let’s give you a quick run thru of the current status of the list servers.

As many of you may know, the Contrabandent List Server provided by Burger is still experiencing difficulty connecting to other List Servers so isn’t “mirroring” the network as a whole. I have spoken with Burger and he says he will look into it so functionality of his List Server should return sometime soon.

In the mean time I have provided a patch that users can apply to remove Contrabandent from there JJ2, you can get it at:
Once his List is restored, you can re-add his list by applying the default patch.

I have also had people ask me why there servers have been listed twice on the list servers, one of the new features announced last month was the automatic removal of pinging servers, one of the bugs in this is that once a server is de-listed, it STILL kept getting pinged every 5 minutes, so if your game suddenly appeared a game, the list server would see your server is alive, re-list your old entry, and also add your new entry you just created. This is a minor bug and should be fixed in the coming weeks. But isn’t it great now that pinging servers have gone?

One of the issues brought to me recently was the fact of the amount of patches released recently with Contrabandent experiencing problems, and I have been doing some work with Alberto, registering some more domains and so fourth. The plan we have to bring forward (myself and Alberto), based on his Intelligent patch technology, the last and final list server patch needed. If a list server went down, or changed address you wouldn’t need to update your jj2 again, as it could be done by us changing a setting at our end. We will be finalizing it in the coming month or two, and hopefully get some users to help test it before pushing it out to everyone.

Thanks for your time, I’ll keep you up to date :)
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Need People

If this community is going to be of any use, I need people to join it. I'm looking for the following people:

Nimrod - sent invintation (again)
Link - sent invintation
Nebula - don't know if he has an LJ account
Alberto - don't know if he has an LJ account
(Any other suggestions?)

If you see this but didn't get an invite, go to the Community Info page, and there should be a button there to join.
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And so this community journal was created. The projected purpose of this is for posting updates on the status of the JJ2 List Server Network, as well as discussing bugs and stuff. This was originally located on Blogger, but in talking with FQuist, I think LiveJournal will work better since it gives us the advantage of protected entries.